Complaint Management System (CMS) is the process of how a organization handles, manages, responds to and reports customer / user complaints. Systems are put into place to track and trend the data that is captured by complaint management processes. More


MES Samadhan is a well-organized, secured, web app based computerized complaint management system (CMS) to automatically receive, assign, track and complete the B/R or E/M MES Complaints alongwith auto feedbacks to both the users and executives in a ticket and analyzed formats respectively.

How to Register: Register your Account by contacting BSO of respective station. Presently, this app is available for Nagpur and Ojhar stations only, however, for other Maintenance Command units / stations this facility is being extended shortly. More

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Managing complaints is a favourable business practice for ensuring excellent customer service in a Private Sector. Today, it is equally applicable to the Armed Forces Society especially Military Engineering Services (MES). Complaint Management System (CMS) ‘MES–SAMADHAN’ More