Chief Engineer Nagpur

Raised on 16th Apr, 2002


Chief Engineer (Air Force) Nagpur Zone was raised on 16th Apr, 2002, by Col Pradeep Yadu as its first Chief Engineer with five Indep Garrison Engineers to provide MES cover to Head Quarters Maintenance Command units. CWE Tughlakabad area was added to the zone in year 2005/06. The present Infrastructure complex in Vayusena nagar was occupied in Mar 2009. The present ORBAT of the zone consists of 03 CsWE, 09 GEs and 01 AGE (I). The Zonal AOR spans 05 states namely Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The vast expanse of hte zone entails interdependency with 03 commands namely Southern Command, Central Command and Western Command on personal matters, 03 PCsDA and 03 STEs.